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Photo By: Sass N Class Studios

As a boudoir photographer, I am truly honoured by the trust of my clients’ place in me as a virtual stranger who will see them at their most vulnerable. It is not unusual for my clients to share personal details about their life. Whatever they have gone through, they have finally come to accept and love their bodies through all the trials and tribulations that often besiege women. For them to go that one step further by booking a boudoir photoshoot for themselves is a fabulous way to show some selflove. 

Excited and at ease might be new words to associate with having a photo taken. Someone doesn’t have to be a professional model to look good – that is why you hire me. My entire job is about ensuring that the person in front of me looks amazing  

Photo By: Sass N Class Studios

Capturing women on film in this manner has proven to be one of the most gratifying careers of my life. When women participate in a boudoir shoot, I can physically see a difference in their demeanor. Regardless of how strong and confident, they may be in themselves when they start the shoot, they always walk out with their head higher and shoulders taller. What a beautiful gift to give yourself.  


Author: Jo-Ann Brown 
Article Topic: Boudoir Photography 
Photography Credits: Sass & Class Studios (Jo-Ann Brown) 
Hair and Makeup Credits:
Michelle Suffolk-Walsh Hair & Makeup Artist 
Fresh Face Makeup and Hair 
Style/clothing Credits: 
All items listed, plus jewelry worn in images (not including rings) are compliments of Sass & Class Studios 
Robe @ Sew Trendy Accessories;  
Chemise @ Lace 
Chemise and  Feather Tickler @ Lace; Fur Stole @ LightInTheBox 
 Robe @ Yonala; Chemise and  Feather Tickler @ Lace; Fur Stole @LightInTheBox 
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