Break Outta That Box

by Gina Best


You see a beautiful dress, try it on, and instantly love it. But a little voice nags at you: This is so different from your usual style. This isnt you. You give yourself the once-over. It is you; just different. The little voice says What will people think?

You pause. Grin. Throw caution to the wind and buy that frock.

When you wear it, you feel and look amazing!

You can’t believe you actually considered not buying it.

Here’s the deal: We pick up things along the way. And they inherently become the rules we live by. But have you ever asked yourself why you live by them? Where did they come from? Are they really your rules or are they someone else’s? Are they what you want or are they what you think that others want?

Some rules are good. Some are necessities. And some are just plain stupid. Like “big girls can’t be athletes,” which is something I told myself for a long time. I’m big so I can’t be an athlete. Pssssh… in hindsight, stupid. I can deadlift 375lbs. I am on my way to lifting 400lbs. I am an athlete.

What rules do you have in your head?

Likely, a few of them are boxes you’ve built yourself. You operate your life inside those 4 sides because you think you’re supposed to. And living in a box gets small—fast!

When you do something different and against the grain—like buy that dress and lift that barbell—you screw the rules and take one step outside your box. Do it again. And again. Before you know it, the world is different. You are different. And different is good.

For me, I broke my own rule—big girls can’t be athletes—when I stepped out of my box and did my first deadlift. Every time I lift, I screw that rule and empower myself more. My box is getting obliterated.

F @*k fine. Go for fabulous! Kick your self-made rules to the curb and step outside your box. Life is for living. So go be the amazing you that you know you are.

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