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Clothes should make you feel good about yourself.

When she used to go out shopping with friends Jacklyn dreaded the experience. She couldn’t find a store that sold nice clothes for women of her size so the whole shopping trip was such a frustration. She saw her smaller friends finding outfits that they looked great in but couldn’t find someone who catered for people like her. This sparked a determination to do something about it. After a conversation with a friend, Jacklyn decided that she would be part of the solution, and Jaci Blue Clothing was the result of this determination.

The best designers produce outfits that make you feel special and attractive. But not all high-end and mainstream fashion houses have an interest in producing quality clothing that appeals to plus size women. Jaci Blue understand that feeling good in beautiful clothing isn’t the sole domain of the smaller sizes. They specialize in sizes 12 and over so you can find clothing,

Jaci Blue understands that feeling good in beautiful clothing isn’t the sole domain of the smaller sizes. They specialize in sizes 12 and over so you can find clothing, underwear, and accessories that have been specially selected for the plus size women. They believe that it is really important that women of all shapes and sizes can find somewhere to buy clothing that fits and flatters in a safe and supportive environment.

fabuplus magazine

But it wasn’t all success. Jacklyn has been battling with her body image since she was in school. Very tall for her age she got teased and even through her adult life. She struggled to like her body at times until she worked in plus size retailing and began to focus on the positive side of things. As she spoke positively to her customers about the great things about them she developed the same attitude when looking at herself. She is now in a really great place with herself and this has been a long time coming. It is good to see someone that can help her customers while promoting positive body image herself. This has had a positive impact on her customers and put Jacklyn in a position where she supports the plus size movement and promotes positive body image.

fabuplus magazine

As a successful entrepreneur, it is good to hear advice from Jacklyn. The Jaci Blue clothing store doesn’t just sell plus size clothes – they are cheerleaders for the plus size movement and this really strikes a chord with their customers. It is about living and breathing the cause rather than switching off when the store closes. She advises people that are looking to start their own retail store to get good experience in retail first to make sure that it is for them. This is great advice and it pays to know the ins and outs of any business before you set upon your own.

FabUplus Magazine likes to see people who see what they want and go for it. Jacklyn is someone who fits this mold. She has not been discouraged by finding a lack of plus size clothing options and decided to do something about it.

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