Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about ways to boost your hair care routine and all the different products you should consider. But there are many mistakes we make without realizing they are causing more harm than good. Avoid some of these common instances to ensure your hair remains healthy and voluminous.

Shampooing Too Frequently

One of the most significant issues people run into is shampooing their hair too often. This is problematic for various reasons. Your hair and scalp are delicate, and their natural oils act as protectants and help nourish your hair. By shampooing too often, you strip your hair of its natural oils. Try to invest in a quality shampoo designed for your hair type and stick to a regimented wash routine to avoid over-shampooing.


Just like over-shampooing damages your hair’s vitality, overbrushing your hair can induce breakage and significant damage. You want to use your brush only for styling, routine maintenance, and blending your natural oils. Brushing your hair for shine or going overboard can damage and break your hair.

Incorrectly Combing From Roots to Ends

After washing your hair, the way you treat your wet hair will play a significant role in how well you maintain your hair. A common mistake to avoid is combing your damp hair from the roots to the ends. This is a direct path to breakage and tension. Try to section your hair out into more manageable portions and comb from the ends, working your way up toward the roots.

Using Heat on Hair With Excessive Water

After combing your hair and you go to blow dry it, this is where you might make another mistake. Hair that is full of excessive water will take longer to dry and increase heat damage. Towel dry your hair before combing and then again afterward to ensure you remove any excess water.

Neglecting the Scalp

Not many think to care for the scalp by itself, but without a healthy and nourished scalp, the hair follicle can become unhealthy. Massaging your scalp during a wash or styling session can promote blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulate nourishment and healing. To further promote scalp care, you could try a scalp treatment that sits on your roots.

The Wrap Up

Without identifying some of these mistakes, it may be challenging to pinpoint why your hair is struggling. Hopefully, some of these suggestions can help you avoid damage and promote a head full of healthy and lively hair.

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