Confidence is Sexy!  When Worn Right!

by Diane Rolston

You may have heard people say, “Oh she wears her confidence well” and “Confident people are attractive.” There are so many great things about confidence that it’s a ‘must do’ outfit not just this summer, but year round.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Confidence 

Confidence is Sexy

  1. Anyone can wear confidence since it’s not limited to specific kinds of people.
  2. Confidence is not a trend, so it will never look outdated or out of season. 
  3. Confidence can and should be worn every day for many reasons.
  4. Confidence can be worn on the outside as well as the inside.
  5. You don’t need to buy it: you can make it yourself. 

If confidence fits everyone and it’s so easy to wear, then why do so many people wear confidence wrong?

They get it from the wrong source and wear it the wrong way, so here are…

3 Steps to having great Confidence: 

Step One: Believe in Yourself 

If you believe in yourself then your actions and words will support that.  People will pick up on your confidence through direct interaction with you or with their intuition. As a result, they will believe in you as well. 

Step Two: Celebrate Others 

Everyone either outwardly or secretly loves being acknowledged for a job well done, recognized for an achievement and thanked for the positive impact they had on someone.  Whether they receive the compliment or not, celebrating others and their success shows you have confidence because you’re not just into your own fame, but can shine the light on others. 

Step Three: Stay Committed 

Yes, going for your goals can bring fear, the unknown, hard times and other obstacles. There are times when you do have to get on a new path, but when it’s the goal you want and you stay committed you show confidence and build more confidence in yourself. 

So this summer pull out the confidence – because it easily goes with everything and you’ll feel great wearing it!


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