Fashion by its very definition is something that is popular or of the latest style. But fashion means so much more than being ‘on-trend’ because every single person can have their own style that suits them. The power in fashion is shifting massively away from the fashion houses to those who can generate followers and sharers on social media because this is where real people hang out.

You know when you are on to something special when you have been consistently good at what you do for over 7 years, you have a huge following and you have been featured in some of the great fashion magazines, such as Black Enterprise, USA Today, In Style and People Style Watch. The Curvy Fashionista is all of these things and so much more. When brands and PR companies have something to share with the world about plus size fashion they go straight to the Curvy Fashionista because she has the biggest reach, the most followers and gets the message right out there to the relevant people really fast. The blog shows what is trending and the latest information, news and views on plus size fashion and its place in the world.

Marie Denee is the Curvy Fashionista and she started her blog over 7 years ago after working in retail for 12 years. She has an MBA in marketing, experience in retail and a real passion for the world of fashion. After toying with the idea of opening a boutique she started to research designers and found that she could grow an audience by putting this information into a blog. And so the Curvy Fashionista was born. The blog has seen many fashions come and go but with a large number of followers, Marie has been able to keep at the top of the game.

It is only fitting that we should take on board her tips for what 2016 will bring because if anyone should know then it is the Curvy Fashionista. She is hopeful for more exposure for plus size models and fashion this year. Although some retailers have dipped their toe into the water with plus size fashion there is still a long way to go before it is accepted as part of what a retailer should offer. She doesn’t want it to be a passing phase where plus size fashion gets a little exposure and then disappears from view. There are going to be happy and proud plus size women forever, so the fashion industry needs to get on board and cater for their needs and tastes.

As befitting someone who is at the forefront of plus size fashion, the Curvy Fashionista Marie has started to expand what she does to take on helping others through her blog and website. The website has expanded and now includes a section on business expertise, blogging tips and support for others looking to make an impact. Marie feels that she can help and mentor others to make a difference in the fashion world and change the views that some in the fashion industry hold. By helping others to find a voice and get their work seen she can help the entire cause through her own work. Add to this the expo from last year and the impact that it has made and you can see why Marie is considered the queen of plus sized fashion. She is going to get more exposure and her reach will grow further as the plus sized fashion market gets into full flow.

This has given Marie a valued place in the body positive movement. She is using this to good effect. The Curvy Fashionista is established in the plus size fashion industry and this gives her a high level of respect. She is pushing the fact that the world is full of diversely beautiful people, not just the model stereotype of size zero that you see on the catwalk. Being positive about your body changes the way you see the world. This is why we see Marie Denee, the Curvy Fashionista as someone who lives the values of FabUplus Mag. The future looks bright for Marie as her blog gains followers and her positive message reaches more people.

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