Dating & Relationships with Johnny Zapp

Let’s be honest; whether you’re a size 2 or 22, sex is an extremely vital component to maintaining a healthy relationship. Communication, trust, mutual and self-respect are essential. Ladies, if you’re dating and you’ve met someone you feel you might have long-term potential with, take it slow. Don’t rush into bed. Seize the opportunity to eliminate those that may not be in the same place as you.

By courting one another at a comfortable pace, you’ll build a bond and maybe even be in love by the time you do consummate the relationship. If it doesn’t go that far, you’ll be free of regrets and you can move on. Let me tell ya, when you let go together for that very first time and love syncs with sex, it’s a truly phenomenal feeling.

There really are countless ways to foster a profound sensual bond. People have been having sex for centuries, obviously, and chivalry is nothing new. It all boils down to connecting. How do you connect? Communicate. It’s like a phone call; without a good connection, there’s no communication. Cultivate your connection through communication and you’ll be engaging in an extraordinary new level of sex and intimacy.

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Musician Johnny Zapp has been writing insightful columns on relationships, lingerie and ladies fashion since early 2013. Drawing from personal experiences, Johnny offers a unique and refreshing writing style that appeals to both male and female audiences alike. A genuine old soul, he encourages and advises readers to nurture a loving and mutually chivalrous courtship with their partners, never settling. Always a sucker for beautiful curvy/plus-sized women, Johnny married the leg model for Kix’ies Thigh Highs Curvy line and he’s passionate about sharing his secret to an organic, exciting, strong and effortless relationship.



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