DO this, DITCH that!

10 Ways to Start Living Your Best Life RIGHT NOW!

by Sarah Sapora

DO this DITCH that Sarah Sapora

What are you waiting for? Your best life starts… today! Create your most awesome life from the inside out guided by a few simple (but very powerful) ideas and practices.

10. Ditch… the “all or nothing” goals.

Stop quantifying happiness in life with “hit or miss” targets that make you a hostage of your own expectations!

9. Do… think about how you want to FEEL instead!

Want to feel bold? Live adventurously? Identify feelings you crave and DO THINGS that support bringing them to life. Fewer numbers, more feelings!

8. Ditch… putting off fun till it’s convenient.

Life happens; it’s never going to be the “perfect” time to make time for you! Stop waiting for the stars to magically align for fun to drop into your lap.

7. Do…. go on the darn vacation already!

Book it. Now. And, while you’re at it, wear that bikini! If you dream of sunny beaches, honor yourself and schedule that trip. You don’t need the “perfect body” to show up. Just bring sunscreen and a smile!

6. Ditch… taking your body for granted.

You only get one body; appreciate it for being the badass machine it is! You may not think it’s perfect, but it’s powerful and gives you the chance to wake up every day to kick ass, rinse, and repeat!

5. Do… find ways to invest in your long-term wellness.

Find small ways to start treating your body right, so you can enjoy it for years to come! Hydrate. Meditate. Add more walking into your day. Small actions = big impact!

DO this DITCH that Sarah Sapora

4. Ditch… the need to control it all.

Stop pulling your hair out trying to get everyone, and every THING, to be exactly as you think you need it to be. Things just are…

3. Do… focus on what is entirely within your power.

Want to know what you CAN control? The energy you bring to the table every day. How you see things shapes your life and how others perceive you as well!

2. Ditch… comparing yourself to others.

No. Really. Just stop. You are your own unique woman, designed to be unlike anyone else for a reason.

1. Do… breathe.

There is no single element more powerful in shaping your energy than breathing. Watch how a few deep breaths can stop mid-freak-out stress!


Sarah Sapora
Wellness Blogger and Self-Love Mentor
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