Designer Cenia Paredes is a native of the Dominican Republic and grew up in a family dedicated almost entirely to the fine art of dress making. After graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in 2004, she then worked in New York’s competitive fashion district for various renowned brands, but always kept her dream of designing her own line as her ultimate goal. It was in 2009 that Cenia launched her first ready-to-wear collection, a clothing line that not only represented her vision and design sensibility, but would also help real women look their best no matter what shape they were.

Photography-@BFAimages – Model- @anagplus

The Designer just launched the Cenia Convi Jean. Paredes said “If you are like me and always had to take your jeans in at back waist because your hips and butt are significantly bigger than your waist, the solution is finally here! The Cenia Convi Jean solves that problem with two zippered darts at the back waist that makes the waist measurement about 2″ smaller than the standard jeans on the market. I always had issues with this, my waist is smaller then my booty , so I always end up having a gap at the back of my jeans . When the zippers are down, the have a standard Jean waist measurement! So if you are tired of your jeans gapping at the back or bunching up when you belt them, you will love this! Also they are super stretchy and soft like leggings and have no pocket bag at the front, because you know if you are hippy those things keep popping out and you have to continuously tuck them in. In addition, the waistline is cut 2″ below your natural waist, so it sits at the right spot to tuck you in at the stomach and love handles and give you the prefect fit and coverage for your body. The Cenia Convy Jean is patent pending and comes in a variety of colors and styles.”

Photography-@BFAimages – Model- @anagplus

The struggle is real for many of us Full Figured ladies trying to find the perfect jean and we think this amazing Designer has just given us the solution for a perfect fit with a jean that flatters all body types!



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