Everything You Need to Know About Microblading


You may have already heard about the hottest new trend in semi-permanent makeup. Microblading services are popping up in beauty salons and spas all across the US and Canada, right next to waxing, permanent eyeliner, and eyelash extensions. Before you sit through the elevator pitch with your beauty professional, here is everything you need to know about the process, cost, and benefits of this latest facial innovation.

So What is Microblading?

Microblading is the semi-permanent tattooing of your eyebrows. Unlike similar eyebrow services, microblading provides a more natural look using thin, hair-like strokes to recreate the look of naturally full eyebrows.



First, your microblader will draw the outline of your new brows on your face. This serves a boundary within which to place the hair-like strokes. They will then numb the brow area with lidocaine before administering the small stroke cuts. Once finished, ink is rubbed into the brows to sit for a few minutes. The excess ink is wiped away to reveal new, fuller brows. Voila!



You cannot get your brows wet for at least 10 days. No gym! Excess sweat can wash out the ink and leave lighter-than-desired results. Reduce exposure to the sun during this time as well.



After your first session, you will need to have a touchup within about a month. Then you will only need a touchup within a year.



First two sessions: $500-$1,000

Annual touchups: $100-$500


Worth It?

If you have particularly sparse brows, definitely. While you may still want to fill microbladed brows in while wearing full makeup, they look fantastic while going au naturale.


Briana Hernandez, Mamafierce.com, @mamafierceblog (IG)


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