It may be hard to believe, but summer is coming to an end, and before you know it, you’re grabbing your coats and scarves before heading out the door. As the shift from summer to fall begins, it’s only right that we present you with the fall fashion trends you should add to your wardrobe. Say goodbye to neon greens and say hello to neutral and orange tones. Let’s dive into these fall fashion essentials you need to survive the cool air and piercing winds.

Thick Flannel Shacket

What’s a shacket? A shacket is a crossover between a shirt and a jacket. It has an oversized look, but it contains a thicker material. A thick flannel shacket should be your go-to fall essential because you can mix and match it with anything. You can dress it up with a bodysuit and over-the-knee boots, or dress it down with jeans and sneakers—you will be cozy and fashionable this fall.

Puffy Vest

Once upon a time, you probably despised puffy vests, but puffy vests are coming back as a fashion statement piece. They’re essential for fall and winter outfits to keep you warm and cozy when the weather gets colder. This year, you can pair the vest with a long sleeve top, cargo pants, and stylish sneakers.

Extra Long Cardigan Sweater

Extra long cardigans are a popular trend taking over this fall and winter. You can pair cardigans with any outfit, from dresses to skirts to jeans to biker shorts. A cute way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is by pairing it with skinny jeans and boots.

Wide Leg Jeans

You don’t have to say goodbye to your mom jeans or skinny jeans, but wide-leg jeans are the way to go this fall! Although the ‘90s heavily influenced fashion, the ‘70s are back in the fashion world, and you can create a stylish but casual look with wide-leg jeans. Pair these jeans with a chunky sweater, heels, or ankle boots for a full fall look.

Ankle Boots

What is fall without dusting off your boots? Although over-the-knee boots are taking over, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the classics. Ankle boots are an essential fall fashion item you need in your closet because you can pair them with anything! You can spruce up any outfit with a pair of chic ankle boots.

Leather Bottoms

The ‘80s called, and they said you MUST own a pair of leather pants. Leather bottoms are a fairly new trend that’s taking over street fashion. You can own more than just pants; you can also have leather skirts or shorts! Leather bottoms come in many colors besides black, like red and green! Allow your fashion creativity to run wild this fall.

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