Planning the perfect wardrobe before your next vacation makes sure you have clothes that are cute and comfortable. Of course, with a couple of fashion must-haves for summer vacation, you can create the perfect outfits without overpacking! It’s always good to have a backup garment or two so you have a few options.

A Cotton Shirt

Cotton shirts are great since they keep you cool on a hot summer day. And when it comes to color, you could go with a neutral since it matches anything or stands out with something bold. Summer is the perfect time for bright colors and pastels!

A Lightweight Dress

Whether it’s a fancy dress or a sundress, you’ll want something a little more formal on vacation for a night out. During summertime, you have a lot of options for dresses. You could wear a floral maxi dress or a solid-colored sundress—you’ll look amazing either way!

Some Great Accessories

Don’t forget to accessorize since it’s how you add some personal flair to your outfit. Some easy-to-pack accessories are:

  • Sunglasses: No one wants the sun blinding them.
  • Hats: Straw hats and sun hats are fashionable and block the sun.
  • Purses: A colorful bag makes a nice accent to any outfit.

And of course, you can’t forget some jewelry! When it comes to summer jewelry trends, nothing’s better than hoop earrings or pastels. Likewise, you could add beads to your summer wardrobe. Most beaded jewelry is colorful and comes in a variety of styles. You can wear beautiful turquoise beads or vibrant orange and know you’re in fashion. Accessories don’t just pair with any outfit; they also enhance it.

A Pair of Sandals

As far as shoes go, a cute pair of sandals is a fashion must-have for summer vacation. Show off a fabulous pedicure or keep cool with some breathable shoes. The perfect sandals are versatile—you could wear them for a walk around town or to a formal dinner.

A Swimsuit

The last piece of clothing to pack for your summer vacation is a swimsuit you love. While every girl needs a little black dress, the same applies to a swimsuit—it looks sleek. Of course, bright colors and floral designs are also perfect for summertime. As you pack your bag, what’s most important is that you bring clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

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