Fat IS Fabulous!

Victoria Welsby, Founder BAM POW LIFE 

curvy confidence

Photography by: Christoph Rondeau

I have been fat from as young as I can remember, also from as young as I can remember, I have had the perception that fat is bad. 

Why is this? Am I correct in my idea of the way fatness is perceived? I was determined to find out! 

I surveyed 100 people on their views on fatness and the results were incredibly intriguing.  

87% of people said fat folks should love their body, but some respondents struggled with the idea of being in a larger body themselves. The most desirable body types, according to the survey, were “athletic” and “average”, coming in at 29.5% and 29.1% respectively. 

 When I asked what word respondents would associate with a fat body “average” was a popular choice with 21% of the vote and “cuddly” coming in next with 13.9%. Interestingly, in a recent study size 16 – 18 was the most common dress size for American women, proving that small fats are totally “average”. 

curvy confidence

Photography by: Christoph Rondeau

So, was I right in thinking that my body wasn’t worthy or desirable? No! My body (and yours) is freaking incredible whether it be supersize or straight size. However, there is still lots of work to be done in regards to some people’s perceptions. 

One of the common themes in my survey was the assumption that a fat body must be unhealthy. 

The reality is however, that any body can be healthy or unhealthy. Science is continually proving that body weight and health are not correlated. And even if you are fat and unhealthy then you are still worthy as a human being!  

It’s time to start thinking differently about fat bodies. 

curvy confidence

Photography by: Christoph Rondeau

What if we valued people, not by the number on the scale, but on the capacity of their hearts?  

What if we left our bias and judgements at the door and loved the wonderful bodies we have today? Because I think you’re kinda fabulous just the way you are today. 

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curvy confidence

Photography by: Christoph Rondeau

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