In this season of my life, I’ve implemented new ways to love myself a little harder. Staying hydrated and cleansing my body of as many impurities as possible is a top priority for me. This year, I eased into my 4th decade of life…   

Who am I kidding? I didn’t “ease.” I skipped, whistled, shouted, and danced my way right into Fabulous Forty! Of course, I’ve had moments of reflection where I mentally crossed out things I’m never doing again, but I’ve also circled things I will repeat and added several others because it’s never too late to explore. Sure, I stumbled through a few situations, but who hasn’t?

Those situations, both failed and successful, made me who I am today, and I just so happen to LOVE this person. 

I’ve gained a new perspective on life as well as clarity concerning the ways I should love myself. For instance, I now exercise my right to say “no.” Participating in experiences that bring me stress or discomfort is not what I signed up for. Those who care about me should understandI am determined to protect my peace and have learned that there’s nothing selfish about that.

I also permit myself to not be okay. In a social climate where everyone seems to have it together every single day, it was difficult for me to embrace moments when I didn’t feel great. I had to accept the fact that stuff happens and all days won’t be pleasant. Now, when I feel a “blah” spirit coming over me, I take a moment to pout, cry, and vent to my close friends. I get it all out of my system and prepare for an amazing tomorrow!

Another way I have been showing myself some extra love is by paying attention to my mental, physical, and spiritual senses. I meditate often to clear my mind of clutter, and I try my best to consume things that are healthy for me. I also enjoy leisure time with my family and friends. 

I am enjoying the start of my newest season and I plan to keep it up. So, what are you waiting for? Figure out your personal formula to show yourself some love and get going!

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