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Interview with Sanne

Full of FrecklesArtist Sanne draws some of the happiest images you will ever see. They are so full of joy that it’s difficult to imagine the artist as anything but joyful. But Sanne (or Full of Freckles as she is known across the world) wasn’t always this way. She grew up plus size and faced negativity both from herself and from others in school. She carried around a negative body image and took a long time to accept herself. When she went away to college, Sanne met people who wanted to get close to her and she started making real friends and feeling better about herself. It didn’t happen in an instant, but she felt a degree of self-worth that hadn’t been there before. The happier she felt on the inside, the more this translated to the way she acted on the outside. 

Full of FrecklesIf you look on Instagram or Facebook at Full of Freckles, you can see this happiness come through in everything she draws. In fact, Sanne says she can only draw joy, even if she tries to produce something different. She has always drawn and this moved Sanne towards art school. It was one of her teachers who suggested it and the passion developed even further from there. Sanne has spent so much of her life drawing that it was a natural progression to share this with the world. She went from feeling like she was drawing a series of shapes to actually putting emotions down on paper. 

Throughout her life, the one part of her body she never felt bad about was her freckles. Sanne thinks that they are playful, and even when she was feeling down about the rest of her body, it was never the same with her freckles. So the name Full of Freckles came about. She asks us all to start loving ourselves freckle by freckle. If you start there, pretty soon you will love your entire self! 

Full of Freckles


If you haven’t seen the playful, joyful illustrations of @Full_of_freckles_illustrations on Instagram or Facebook, you are missing out on an abundance of happiness captured on paper by this Belgium based artist.
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