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Protecting “The Girls” your FabUplus guide to choosing a sports bra

Louise Green

There’s no getting around it, I have really big boobs and I am really active and this has caused some issues throughout my athletic journey.

Maybe you can relate?

When I am working out and support is lacking, my chest becomes un-tamable, in your face, bouncing with lives of their own, boobs. If this is you too, keep reading!

Physical activity can be made extremely uncomfortable when “the girls” have a mind of their own. Let’s face it; it can be challenging enough to get the workout done so having the right gear suited to your specific body’s needs is, hands down, an absolute must.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a sports bra:

  1. Wide shoulder straps, preferably with light padding to distribute weight and reduce strain on the shoulders and neck.
  2. Wide rib bands to help secure the bra in place.
  3. Bras with encapsulation, meaning a cup for each breast rather than material that covers both, (you want to avoid the uni-boob). This will reduce movement from the side and reduce discomfort from sweat building between your cleavage.
  4. Look for minimal seams. This goes for any fitness apparel, as seams in material are generally the culprit for rubbing and chafing.
  5. Generally bras that slip over your head won’t have enough support or will be challenging to get on. I recommend sports bras that fasten in the back or front rather than the slip over style.
  6. Adjustable straps can be extremely helpful in finding the right fit because all bodies are different, having adjustment in the shoulders and multiple clasps in the back will ensure a better fit.

I want you to kick butt while working out, not focus on adjusting poor fitting bras that lack support or rub and chafe the skin.

There are many bras on the market that may look stylish but don’t do the trick as far as functionality. Here at FabUplus we’ve done our homework and presented you with the best.

Now that you are outfitted, all you have to focus on is your athletic dreams![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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