Now that the sun is finally out and summer is upon us, it’s time to indulge in some experimental summer nail trends! Summer is the best season to play around with new colors, try new nail polishes, and even test different nail shapes.

Regardless of what trends you test out, you’ll feel confident with a new manicure when you visit the beach or sunbathe at the park. To learn more about how to get your nails ready for the summer, continue reading our blog.

Exfoliate and Revitalize Your Skin

Now that winter has finally ended, it’s time to heal dry skin and prep nails for a gentler summer season. If your hands are cracked or dry due to cold weather, exfoliation can be an intensely moisturizing and revitalizing treatment.

With a simple homemade combination of brown sugar and coconut oil, you can apply an exfoliant that will remove old dead skin cells and deliver rich nutrients and moisture to your hands.

Clearing away dead skin and moisturizing your hands is essential to prep your nails for the summer. With healthier hands, you can flaunt your new manicure with more confidence and comfort.

Invest in the Right Tools

Do you want to know the key to applying and maintaining the perfect manicure? Invest in high-quality manicure equipment and tools. There’s no need to buy enough products to start your own nail salon. However, there are plenty of must-have manicure tools that can help you mimic a salon manicure.

For example, when you invest in a nail drill, you can buff the surface of your nail and more precisely shape your nails.

These tools can load you with everything needed to apply your own manicure, or they can help you maintain your salon manicure longer. Either way, your nails will be ready for summer with these essential tools.

Explore New Polishes

With 2000s trends making more and more appearances in fashion and style, there’s never been a better time to experiment with crazy manicure colors.

If you’ve never tried rhinestone nail art, glitter, matte finishes, or neon colors on your nails, now is the time to do so! Summer is all about spending time with friends and having fun. So, let yourself explore some exciting new polishes to start the season off right.

Best Summer Nail Trends To Try

  • Colorful French manicure
  • Color block nails
  • Glitter nails
  • Line Art nails
  • Classic neon nails

Celebrate summer by decorating your nails and revitalizing your hands. Review these tips on how to get your nails ready for the summer and indulge in bright and bold manicures. 

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