Getting your family to sit down for a meal can be challenging. While half the battle is cooking something everyone will enjoy, the other half is finding a location in the house where everyone can gather. Learn how to pick a dining table for your family and bring your loved ones back to the family dinner table.

Measure for Space

The most important consideration for a dining table is the size. You should choose a table with enough space to seat your family—and maybe some extra guests. Further, you should make sure that the table fits comfortably in your dining room. Allow yourself enough space to walk around the table and chairs so you can enjoy all sides of your dining room table.

Pro Tip: Place banquet seating against a wall to save space and mix up the type of seating you offer at your table. You can fit several kids on a banquet seat.

Decide Your Preferred Shape

Dining room tables are typically rectangle or oval. You can find options that are perfect squares or circles, but they will be smaller. If you choose a rectangle or oval, it will likely come with leaves to allow you to lengthen the table when you have more company. Tables with leaves often come with additional chairs that you can add to the table when the leaves are extended.

Pick Your Favorite Style

Your dining room table should match the style utilized throughout the rest of your home. While a mismatched design creates a unique aesthetic, modern dining room sets can give you the same cozy appearance without going overboard. The best ways to decorate your dining room are to follow similar rules as you would for the other rooms in your home. You want your dining room to have a sense of flow, incorporate good lighting, and feature a focal point.

Pro Tip: Don’t choose chairs just for style! You should pick dining room chairs that you find comfortable so you’ll spend more time at the family table.

Choose a Quality Material

You should choose sturdy materials for all your furniture. Quality wood or metal is durable and will not only stand the test of time but can withstand more weight. Though heavy, stone tables look elegant and last a lifetime.

Knowing how to pick a dining table for your family comes down to personal preference. Talk to your loved ones about the type of seating options that they would prefer. Further, you should consider the comfort of guests who may visit and your future needs. Your dining room table will likely stay with you for years to come.

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