Looking for a sophisticated way to entertain friends and family? A Bridgerton-inspired tea party is the answer! This TV show’s massive popularity is responsible for a resurgence of Regency-style interest. Take advantage of this trend and wow your guests with an unforgettable event by learning how to plan the perfect Bridgerton-inspired tea party below!

Set the Scene

Start with tea sets that feature pastel shades and floral patterns. Use a collection of mismatched cups and teapots to add a touch of quaintness to the setting. If you prefer monochromatic sets, a sterling silver tea set is one of the antique holloware items you should consider buying.

For floral arrangements, go for large bouquets of garden roses, peonies, and lilacs in silver vases or jars. Finishing off with lace tablecloths and candleholders to add warmth and light will give the perfect feeling.

Coordinate Color Schemes and Attire

The glamour and elegance of Bridgerton depend on costumes, fashion, and ornaments that represent the era impressively. Choosing a color scheme is a fantastic way to make the perfect impression on your guests. Rich colors can set a vivid ambiance, whether pastels like the Bridgerton family loves or bold hues from the Featheringtons. Encourage your guests to dress up and opt for regency-style attire to make the gathering more on-theme.

Choose the Menu

You can’t complete a party without delicious food. A Bridgerton-inspired tea party calls for high tea, dainty bites, and sweet treats. Scones and crumpets, cucumber sandwiches, macaroons, and tarts are typical features in a perfect high tea. You can also offer different types of tea, like English breakfast, chamomile, and green tea.

Plan Entertainment

One of the main highlights of Bridgerton-inspired tea parties is the entertainment. Have a ball with guests while enhancing the ambiance with quiz games centered around the show’s characters or live performances of regency-inspired masquerade dances. Consider incorporating musical performances or waltzing lessons for added fun!

Provide Favors and Mementos

End the perfect Bridgerton-inspired tea party with favors or mementos. Select something that relates to the theme, like Bridgerton-inspired bookmarks, candles, lavender-scented handkerchiefs, or even mini teacups with sweet treats. You can also offer regency-inspired mementos, like delicate lace fans or handwritten thank-you notes sealed with wax. These charming keepsakes will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Throwing an excellent Bridgerton-inspired tea party requires attention to detail, time for preparation, and patience, but it’s all worth it in the end. Embrace this party theme and have a fun time!

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