Love Yourself: Ways To Increase Positive Self-Image


There is a lot of talk in social media these days about body positivity and creating a positive self image. You may be wondering what that actually means and how you would even go about changing the image you have of yourself. It may seem like an impossible task, but there are steps you can take to start to improve that image you have of yourself.


Be Honest With Yourself


Take an honest look in the mirror. Identify something that you like. Is it your smile, your hair, or your eyes? Don’t stop looking until you find something positive to say. Reality is often very different from what goes on inside our heads. We frequently have a very distorted image of ourselves. Now every time you look in the mirror, focus on that one feature you like, and try to keep yourself from looking for flaws.


Get rid of any clothes that don’t fit


Most women have those clothes that they tell themselves they will fit into someday. That beautiful dress that would look great if you just lost 5 more pounds. Those clothes can put thoughts in your head that you have failed at getting to a certain point, and you’re trying to change that mindset. Buy yourself beautiful clothes that fit you now. Get an outfit that makes you feel confident in the body you have.


Stop negative thoughts


Negative thoughts can be toxic. Not just mentally, but they will eventually take a toll on your physical health as well. Any time you find yourself starting to think negative thoughts you need to refocus them. Find a positive affirmation, or mantra that you can repeat, until the negative thoughts fade away.


Step outside yourself


Ask yourself what you would say to someone else that was feeling the way you are feeling? Would you show them kindness and compassion? Would you point out to them all of the beauty you see in them? If the answer is yes, why won’t you do the same for yourself.


Distract yourself


Whenever you start heading down the path of negativity and can’t seem to stop yourself, find a distraction technique to use until it passes. You may even find a new hobby that you are really good at that will improve your self esteem. Art has been shown in numerous studies to help calm anxiety and refocus negative energy.


Just like how you are prepared to take care of your physical health by having items on hand and ready like your best oral thermometer, a first aid kit, and medication, you should keep items on hand to take care of your mental health as well. Your happiness should not be dependent on how you look. Your outside appearance is just a part of who you are, and definitely not the most important part. You just need to change your perspective, not the size of your body.

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