Plus Size Fashion Rainbeau Curves

The plus size community needs trendsetters and pioneers. It needs manufacturers and retailers to spot niches in the market and then provide a solution to those niches. Rainbeau Curves is a San Francisco company that has been setting trends for over 30 years. They design and produce innovative activewear and dance apparel. They have recently branched out into plus size fashion and their designs have really been a hit.

Rainbeau Curves delivers colourful and fashionable pieces. With over 100,000 Facebook followers and customers, there has been a fantastic reaction to this movement. This has allowed them to develop distinct and individual designs that have really appealed to the plus size market.

The fact is that women are taking control of their own life and want to do what they feel is right. Being plus size is not a barrier to working out. People need clothes to work out in and are gravitating to the designers and suppliers that really understand this. This is why Rainbeau Curves has become so successful. They only use models who are a size 14+ and they speak to the ordinary woman that wants to live her life her way.

FabUplus Magazine loves the fact that an established and popular designer has developed a range for plus size women to work out in. This is why they are the perfect match for us. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle, and having clothes that make you feel good are a large part of the motivation to go out there and get fitter.

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