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Jessica Torres is a blogger who is helping promote the message that that big is beautiful. 

Body confidence is something that isn’t taught in schools.  More often than not, opposite happens.  Most people don’t find confidence easy to come by.  But people like Jessica are out there, getting the message across to the general public that they can feel great about the body that they’re in. 

She sure does.  Now.  One day, she looked at her size and decided to turn around the hatred she had for her body into love for her body.  She’s made a successful career out of it ever since and isn’t afraid to discuss the topics that need to be put out there. plus model

She wants other women to feel confident in their body and cast aside the negativity that they feel and have had thrust upon them. A woman needs to know that she can love herself and her body rather than turn to society for approval.  There is no reason to feel ashamed or to look for confirmation from anyone else. 

Jessica Torres in extremely busy and is tackling an every-growing list of activities that comes from promoting body positivity.  She’s added being a fashion reporter with to her list of accolades and has been working with Dove on a few campaigns.  Through the exposure that Revelist affords her, Jessica has been able to highlight fashion and issues of body positivity for plus size women.  Her work with Dove has also highlighted the fact that big most definitely can be beautiful.  It is refreshing to see a big company like Dove seek support and approval in the plus size community. It is by having more major brands realise who truly is the average woman that attitudes will effectively change.  We need the fashion industry to follow this same path. 

Women always look at their body and their choice of clothes with a critical eye.  They critique and actually put themselves down, often wondering what anyone could possibly see in them.  Jessica wants to help women realise that they need to respect themselves first and foremost if they want to gain respect from anyone else.  Showing off a jiggly arm isn’t the end of the world.  And if it puts someone off being your friend, then they’re probably not the right kind of friend to have in the first place. plus model

Blogging has really changed this dimension for women.  Instead of being told how to act and feel as well as what to wear by fashion houses and magazine editors, real women are sharing their ideas and experiences directly with each other.  Women now know that they are not alone in their feelings and inhibitions.  This is a very empowering state of mind. 

Being with other women that feel the same way and want to make a difference in this world helps to set goals and ensure that we fulfil them.  Long may this continue, with people like Jessica Torres at the forefront of the body positivity movement. plus model

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