Pascale Lavache

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Congratulations on all of your success as a Plus Size Model. How did you get started modeling?

When I became a model, specifically a plus-size model, I became aware of a deep level of discomfort among women. As I’ve been pursuing this career, women have been reaching out to me not only to encourage and congratulate me for my accomplishments, but to ask for my advice on how to improve their self-esteem and to share their experiences, their difficult journeys. I can’t pretend to know the answers to all of their questions, but I do understand that they need guidance, just like I once needed it. As much as they draw inspiration from my own success, their stories also are my driving force to continue to move forward and break the mold of the perfect body dictated to us by society. My blog intends to be a forum through which I can share my personal experiences, but also to give a voice to all of those who need encouragement on their own journey to self-acceptance.


What has been your favorite experience thus far – the one you are most proud of?

As a plus size model, my favorite experience is definitely starting my personal blog. Not only am I able to share my favorite pictures as a model, but I can also share my experience as I navigate through life as a plus size woman. I also want my blog to be a voice where different women can share their own experiences and use this platform to help each other change society’s standards.


Just like any craft there is a learning curve – how did you learn how to model – both print and runway if applicable?

Actually for me, there is no secret: simply practice, practice, practice. Trying to get myself out there. Participate in as many fashion shows as possible. But more importantly, get in front of that mirror and work on my angles.


Did you have mentors or role models who helped and inspired you along the way?

My biggest inspirations are my mom and my sisters. These women have always encouraged me to push through and never give up on my dreams. Even if I did not start as young as other models do, I have learned not to let anything stop me.

Pascale Lavache

Joanie Lefrancois Photography

The Plus Size Industry has changed and continues to evolve – how do you think as a model you are able to help make an impact in how the world sees plus size women?

That is the very reason why I started my blog. I do not want for this to be only a trend but to become the norm. As we continue the conversation, this will help shape society’s view on how all women are beautiful.


You exude confidence with every step you take, were you always this confident? Tell us a little bit about the journey to confidence.

My journey was not always easy, as I suffered an eating disorder. But I have learned to love one part of my body at a time and taking one step at a time. This is a slow process. We can all get there, I truly believe that.


What would you call your fashion sense and how has this evolved through your modeling career?

I still like to keep it simple, I like to wear skirts and a simple top. I’m more comfortable in skirts than in pants lol. What are you some of your favourite places to shop your style? I really like to shop at H&M, Old Navy, Forever 21. But online shopping is really the best, with sites like ASOS that offer a lots of sizes.


What does life look for you outside of the modeling world?

As the plus size market is only now booming, I still have a 9 to 5 as an account manager for a telecommunications company. I love what I do and, modeling allows me to explore another side of my personality.


Thank you for taking time to chat with us today! What is one message you would like to leave with our readers today?

Stop hiding and Be you!


Pascale Lavache

Joanie Lefrancois Photography



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