Venus Willendorf

Models featured:


As a photographer who has seen the world, Venus Willendorf conceptualized this project because she wanted a stripped-down idea that would be universal in appeal, an equal playing field for the display of beauty.

The one light and one scarf for each model keeps the shoots simple and showcases that the beauty comes from the models, not from what they wear. Nudity in this shoot is not meant to be erotic, but to remind us that nudity is part of nature and is our natural state.

Venus says of her shoots, “[They’re] not fancy, no extreme editing, it’s just [me] using my empathy… to create something special no matter if she is an amateur or an experienced model. The shoot for some can be a growth experience and intense process to push beyond their boundaries.”

Venus says she looks for models who have a story to tell; have had a transformative period in their life. Venus says, “I can at times see this movement in how they pose… the whisper of doubt at the beginning of the shoot which then changes and ends with a roar of confidence as they forget they are only draped in a scarf. They are now art with no judgment.”


Venus Willendorf Chronicles
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