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Three Tips to Help You Become a Money Magician Money, money, money—everyone is talking about how to be better with money. How would you like to become a Money Magician? Here are a few tips on how you can start this season off on the right foot regarding the money in your life.

Attention: As you read, pay attention to how you react. This will give you an indication of what Money Archetype you are functioning from. After reading the three tips, keep going to learn a bit about the eight Money Archetypes. Discovering what archetype you are will create more clarity and awareness around how you function with money.

Tip #1: Your Cost of Living Do you know how much it costs to run your life each month? Include rent, utilities, debt payments, groceries, entertainment, etc. What is the exact number? Some people need the support of a money coach to really get clear because the money fog can be paralyzing. Find out how much you need to live. Do you know it or will you have to get out your calculator and create a spreadsheet to figure it out?

Tip #2: Your Having Account Do you save money? Even if you have debt you should put away some money each month automatically—even if it’s just $50! Ideally, you want to save 10% of everything you make, but it is important to start somewhere as soon as possible. This will create a “having” account. Knowing how to have money can shift your energy dramatically.

Tip #3: Acts of Giving Being able to gift money to others allows you to keep things flowing. It can be as simple as buying a coffee for someone in line with you at the café, buying someone’s groceries at the supermarket, giving to a homeless shelter, or volunteering. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but learning the power of giving and allowing it to be a part of your monthly money flow will change you.

To learn more about Money Archetypes, go to and take the quiz.

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