Prepping for move-in day can make the process infinitely smoother for you. In addition to taking inventory of all your home’s items, you should assess which might require more careful packing than others. Explore our list of the most commonly damaged items during a move to learn which materials are more fragile.


Be careful with your daintier furniture. No one likes unpacking their favorite dining stool to realize its leg is askew from impact during the move. Strategically place your furniture in your moving truck so it’s as stable as possible. You can also invest in furniture covers to prevent pieces from scratching one another.

Hardwood Flooring

Of course, the damage your hardwood flooring incurs from moving might not be as obvious as a shattered frame, but it still counts. Whether you’re moving in or out, scraping your floors can be a costly fix. Protecting your hardwood floors during a move isn’t an exhaustive process, and it’s well worth the time and energy.


If you want your special scotch and wine glasses or glass dishware to make it through the move, you must take special care when packing. Rolling your glassware up in newspaper might not be the best form of protection. Fill your glassware boxes with additional bubble or Styrofoam wrap to give them the extra cushion they need to make it from point A to point B.

Moving Must: Avoid packing your fragile dishware in the moving truck if you can. Transport your dishware during smaller trips to prevent any heftier items from collapsing on top of them.


Whatever the instrument, beware of its susceptibility to damage during your move. Instruments are unfortunately some of the most commonly damaged items during a move.

Always transport your instruments in their respective cases. If it’s an exceptionally large instrument, such as a piano or harp, invest in professional movers.

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