Plus Size Modeling 101

By Ruby Roxx

Social media is a huge part of the modeling world, not only for networking, but also a way to market yourself as a plus size model.

One of the first steps is to create a business (or fan) setting a profile and cover photo that shows off your talents and put your best foot forward.  You want to show diversity and professionalism.

Secondly stay up to date with your social media by posting regularly. I post on my page 8-12 times a day with a wide variety of posts.  My scheduled posts start at 4 am and end at midnight, so followers all over the world receive updates no matter what time zone they are in. Refrain from posting personal photos as your page is a professional networking page…however once in a while, your followers want to see a photo of you with your family or partner.  It creates a sense of normalcy and makes you relatable.  A wide variety of posts appeals to a wide variety of people.

Photography by Chelsey Luren Portraits



It’s important to interact with your followers.  Along with your posts, attach captions that engage your following.  For example, if you post a photo of you in a dress…ask your followers what they think of your dress?  Or what types of outfits they would like to see you model? Asking questions will not only engage your followers, but it shows that you are interested in them and what they have to say.

Being in the public eye and on social media can have its downsides.  The negative comments and cyber bullies never seem to end.  Don’t let that stop you.  I live by the “block/delete combo”.  I try to remember that the people who insult strangers are bullies and nothing but bullies.  Their opinion of me doesn’t matter to me.  Only those who truly care and love me are the ones whose opinions I listen to.

Most of all…do not forget to have fun.  Social media is an excellent tool for networking, but whether you have 100 followers or 1 million, we are all just here to share our passion and creativity. Have fun, share laughs, love, and stay positive.

Good luck!


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