Romantic Gestures for Every Love Language

Relationships tend to make people feel loved and appreciated. Of the many ways to make someone feel special, one way is to speak their love language. It’s important to figure out what makes you and your partner feel the most loved. Below, we suggest a few romantic gestures for every love language, so read on to learn more.

Words of Affirmation

Words go a long way. Some people really resonate with verbal forms of affection. When your partner does something that makes you proud of them, tell them. Use words like “I appreciate you” or “I am so lucky to spend time with you.” Someone who prefers words of affirmation might also really value hearing the words “I love you.” A romantic gesture could be a touching handwritten letter or a poem that tells your partner how much they mean to you.

Quality Time

Some people just want to spend quality time with their loved one, uninterrupted by the stresses of life. Turn off your phones and spend the evening talking on the couch. Make dinner together and enjoy each other’s company. The key to this love language is undivided attention. No matter what you’re doing, this person just wants to spend time together. Spending quality time together is a great opportunity to build a deeper connection with your partner.

Acts of Service

There’s nothing like a helping hand. Some people enjoy nothing more than when someone gives them some help. Whether it’s taking care of the dishes for the day or running to the grocery store for the essentials, these are all acts of service. Some people really resonate with this love language because they find comfort in being able to rely on someone. If you’re doing something helpful, especially without being asked, this is considered an act of service.


Many people give their significant other gifts. Flowers are a traditionally romantic gift, for example. You can also give a sentimental gift, such as a photo album filled with memories. If you and your partner went on a vacation you really enjoyed, consider having pictures from the trip framed. You could also handmake a gift to give it a sentimental twist. You know your partner better than anyone else, so try to get creative and gift them something they’ll really enjoy.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is a love language many people resonate with. One way to speak this love language is by holding hands with your partner. Romantic gestures for this love language include hugging or cuddling on the couch. Physical touch does not necessarily mean intimacy. Everyone feels loved and comforted in different ways, which is why there are romantic gestures for every love language. Make some time to consider what your love language is if you haven’t already.

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