Sexy Plus-Size Time Piece Halloween Costumes to Love 

Whether you’re a renaissance woman or are just tired of the bad selection stores carry for curvy gals, you’re probably fed up like us.  That’s why we went and found a perfect solution for sexy plus size costumes that are high quality, help you feel empowered and are from somewhere you might not expect.  Below you’ll find some of our favorite styles for Halloween.  Click any of them to buy that look or search through dozens of other incredible options for ladies who love luxury and a great deal. 

Cast Your Spell – Plus Size Witch Costume plus model

This 4 layer tiered tulle gown keeps you flying high while you “sweep” across the room.  No broom required.  Complemented by a stunning matching steel-boned corset, your ensemble can be used for formal wear as well as theatre and events once Halloween is over.  Combine it with the opera gloves, a cape and a hat and you’ve turned this elegant gown into a “be-witching” and seductive costume sure to light up the night.   

Plus Size Princess Costume plus halloween

Who says a princess has to be polite?  Dress this stunning style up for a playful effect or an innocent royal.  Either way you’ll be the belle-of-the-ball and they’ll run the red carpet when you arrive in “royal” fashion.  Complete with wand, 5 layer tulle petticoat and fabulous accessories, eyes will drop and the music will play when your audience sees you in this gorgeous getup. 

The Maiden Marauder plus halloween

Ready for a stunning and sexy plus size pirate?  Everyone will swap the deck at your command as you hoist your sails for a heroic or haunting Halloween with this plus size sexy pirate costume.  Make waves with either the underbust or regular corset, cotton camisole and barincole busting bustle skirt.   

Retro Chic, Glamp Vamp 

From feeling like a circa 80’s Madonna to a modern goth, this stunning style is perfect for anything you want to be.  You can style it up to be a mod or pinup girl and then add some bright colors later for an 80’s pop star.  Add some contouring and deep colors for a vampire vixen or simply go goth with this gorgeous getup.  It’s versatile and easy to style giving you multiple looks with little to no work.  Talk about a quick and easy costume change for each event you attend this Halloween.   plus halloween

The Velvet Bride 

Ready for a show-stopping costume that steals the spotlight?  The velvet bride takes sexy and seductive costumes to a new level.  You can style it up to show your single status, make it magnificent for a newly married bride who is still glowing from her big day or wear it styled goth, princess or renaissance for a unique twist on a traditional bride costume.   

Forget the costume shops this year and go for something that is made for you.  The best part of a high quality costume is that you can repurpose the pieces for regular and romantic wear later on.  That’s why instead of hitting up the mall or pop-up shop, we’re going to Hips&Curves for our plus size costume needs this year.  Click here to check out their entire catalog.   


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