The “clean girl” look is all the rage on TikTok. This approach emphasizes natural beauty and laid-back charm. If you want to change up your beauty routine, consider this refreshing style. Follow these simple tips to achieve the “clean girl” aesthetic.

1. Prioritize Your Skincare

The number one key to the clean girl aesthetic is clean, dewy-looking skin. While you can use makeup to help achieve the look, keeping your skin smooth and hydrated will do the heavy lifting and improve the quality and health of your skin.

Whether you have acne, dry or oily skin, uneven skin tone, or another skincare concern, you should develop a personalized skincare routine. You can do this through trial and error, finding advice from people with similar skin online, or by visiting a dermatologist or esthetician and getting their recommendations and advice. In the end, you’ll want to find the right cleaning products for your skin, a quality moisturizer, and a sunscreen you can wear every day.

2. Thicken Your Brows

The next simple tip to achieve the clean girl look is to thicken your eyebrows. After decades of thin eyebrows being on trend, full and thick eyebrows are back in fashion. If you want to fill in patchy areas of your eyebrows or make them appear larger, you have a lot of cosmetic options to help.

You can apply a tinted brow gel to give your brows a darker, fuller look. Or you can have an esthetician give you a microblading treatment that gives you results that typically last one to two years. The newest available technique is eyebrow lamination, which will give you dramatic eyebrows for four to six weeks.

3. Master the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

While many makeup looks emphasize the makeup itself, the “clean girl” aesthetic emphasizes your natural beauty. And you don’t want cosmetics to distract from your fresh, bright skin, and gorgeous brows, anyway.

Avoid caking foundation onto your skin, and try to stick with tinted moisturizers or BB and CC creams instead. Apply a cheery but subdued blush to the apples of your cheeks and, if you’d like, the bridge of your nose. Apply a light mascara that doesn’t make your eyelashes look too dramatic. And lastly, top your lips with a balm or lipstick in a natural shade.

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