Sippin’ Pretty: Tips for Making Wine Taste Better

It’s almost spring, which means rosé all day! Or, honestly, it’s prime time to just head out in the sunshine for a little wine and picnicking. If spring means more wine drinking for you, you’re not alone, but sometimes you need to know that the bottle you open is going to taste as good as it did at the winery. You don’t want to pour a glass and purse your lips.

Well, we have the tricks for you. Below, you’ll find some excellent tips for making wine taste better. From letting your red wine breathe to mixing a white with some bubbly water, we’ve got what you need to enjoy your glass no matter where you’re at! Check it out.

Let It Breathe

If you’re a red wine drinker, then make sure that you’re letting that bottle breathe. Whether you’re opting for a chillable red or still battling the cold with a deeper option, then make sure to let it breathe before you start sipping. There are a few different ways to let wine breathe, but portable aerators are a great way to go if you’re in a rush.

Make Sure It’s Chilled

A majority of white wines, rosés, and sparklers will need some chill—even some red wines deserve a cool kick. A wine that’s not chilled enough will become weak as it sits. Ice cubes will work in a pinch, but the best option is to pop the bottle in a cooler or fridge before drinking.

Spritz It Up

We love this idea for the moments when that cheap bottle of wine from the corner store just doesn’t cut it. Like chilling, carbonation helps mute some flavors that aren’t sitting right on your palate. This tactic works well for too-sweet wines, for wines that are too dry, and for any wines in between. It’s a great choice when you need an extra burst of freshness.

Pro-Tip: If carbonation doesn’t bode well for you, try adding some juice to the wine!

Squeeze a Little Lemon In

This tip may sound strange, but it could be just what your wine glass needs. If the acidity is just not quite strong enough (common in some cheaper varieties), then add a squeeze of lemon to brighten the wine. Just allow your glass to sit for a minute and let the lemon mix. Since a lot of white wines already have a hint of citrus, it will mix it nicely and bring out more aromas and flavors.

Learn What You Like

And our final tip for making wine taste better simply comes from learning what you like. Most people don’t like every single bottle they try, and that’s okay. But the sooner you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, the sooner you’ll think every glass tastes better than the last.

A little gumption is all it takes to make those bland wines taste a little better—try out these techniques when you need an additional burst!

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