Only a few people might ever get to see it, but that’s no reason to neglect your bedroom décor. Start thinking of it less as a dorm room and more of a fantasy sleeping chamber, and set to work making it a reality. You might find some inspiration with these innovative ideas to perk up a boring bedroom.

Choose a Theme

If you want to give your room some personality but aren’t sure where to start, try your hand at a new-for-you aesthetic like bohemian or modern glam. That can give you a general vibe to guide you. Or you could even browse classic prom themes to spark your imagination. Warning: don’t be literal! “Under the Sea” might give you your color palette, while “Starry Nights” might give you a motif that could play out in endless ways. And if you want to go full-on “Black-Light Foam Rave,” nobody’s going to judge you.

Think Eclectic

If you have a matching bedroom set that’s uninspiring, break it up. You can mix and match your furniture while retaining some balance and a sense of harmony. If your budget is nothing, shop the other rooms of your home for pieces to try in your bedroom. You can keep it all unified with a common element, whether it’s a light wood stain, nail-head details, or different shades of the same color. Don’t be afraid to try surprising combinations if it makes sense to you.

Create Your Own Art

Admit it. You’ve strolled through galleries and thought, “I could do that.” So prove it. We often have an idea in our heads about the art we want, but it’s just not within your price range. But a boring bedroom is the perfect place to run with innovative ideas. Frame some fabrics or wallpaper. Make an abstract collage. Use a stencil from the craft store, or paint some glittery stripes on a blank canvas and call it a day. The key is to keep it simple, because you probably won’t get that oil self-portrait right the first time. But a DIY project that ties the room colors together and is deeply personal? You can definitely do that.

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