Spring Into Positive Relationships

by Diane Rolston

Wine and whine nights with friends have to go! While it may feel good in the moment to clear negativity by processing feelings and experiences, I encourage you to spring forward into a more successful way of nurturing relationships: focusing on positivity.

Just like when showing vulnerability in divulging disappointments, vulnerability is also apparent when sharing things we’re proud of and the latter not only connects us but also inspires. Plus positivity will have a powerful effect on you personally.

3 Reasons Why Positive Relationships Will Support You

  1. When you speak of positive things it raises your energy, allowing you to take on bigger challenges and increase your motivation and opportunities.
  2. Focusing on what is going well will foster gratitude, which increases mood, reduces stress, and keeps you healthier.
  3. Having others witness you in a positive light will boost your confidence and your self-efficacy(the belief in your own strength to take on and complete tasks).

3 Ways to Make Your Relationships More Positive

  1. Call friends out when they’re being a Negative Nancy
    • Then ask them if they want to clear or share the negativity for a set amount of time (e.g. two minutes).
  2. Start conversations off with positive questions
    • What is something you’re proud of since I saw you last?
    • What brought you joy or made you smile this week?
    • What successes have you had? (in any area of life)
  3. Praise and acknowledge each other
    • When you hear the great things a friend has done or you’ve seen them change, grow and achieve – praise them for it.
      • E.g. “Great work on this party. I’m having a lot of fun,” or “Congrats on your work project. You should feel proud!”
  4. Acknowledgments also work wonders because we’re starved for positive feedback and it’s just four words. “You’re an adjective title.”
    • Here are two examples, “You’re an awesome mom,” or “You’re a loving friend.”

Why don’t you use these with your friends or family this week and start making a positive change not only for you but also for those around you!


Diane Rolston
FB: LifeCoachDiane
IG: @coachdianerolston
Photography Credits: photoBin Photography
HMUA: Sarah Smith
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