As you scroll through your social media, you can’t help but wonder how some people maintain a cool, polished image with a poised wardrobe. With their perfectly matched accessories and their latest shoe wear, it seems these public figures have their fashion life together, doesn’t it?

Well, the good news? No matter how established and prestigious these people are, the reality is there isn’t a person in the world who knows how to perfectly dress each day. Today, you’ll witness a few style confessions and learn fashion mistakes that everyone makes from time to time.

Spending Money on Trend Wear

While the latest fashion movements are exciting, constantly buying fast trends that go out of style next season is a sure-fire path to a closet filled with tops and bottoms you’ll never wear. You can still keep up with the times by purchasing a few stylish items and pairing them with tried and true classics from your wardrobe.

Stepping Too Far Out of Your Comfort Zone

If a specific clothing trend works for you, own it! It doesn’t hurt to experiment with your style, but keep in mind that you should always prioritize your comfort. Falling in line with what your friends are wearing under the pretense of “being hip” shouldn’t encourage you to transform your wardrobe into a vibe that makes you feel out of place.

Sporting Ill-Fitting Foot Wear

Wearing shoes a size smaller than you’re used to or sporting uncomfortable stilettos is a more common fashion nightmare than you’d think. While those cute pumps in the back of your closet call your name, you might want to remember the last time you ended your night out in agonizing pain.

On the bright side, flats and booties are just as flattering and won’t leave your feet aching the following day.

Leaving Accessories Out of Your Outfit

While overuse of accessories can quickly kill an outfit, the lack thereof is just as concerning. You don’t have to put much thought into your jewelry; however, there are ways to layer gold chains for a sparkling finish to your ensemble.

Letting Others Use Your Body Type Against You

A huge fashion faux pas is allowing someone’s opinion of your body type to dictate what looks good on you. You are the most familiar with your body, considering you’re responsible for dressing yourself in the morning. Clothes should make you feel fabulous, so forget the rules about how you should dress and focus on highlighting what you adore about yourself and your fierceness.

Style is forever evolving, and no one is perfect, especially in their wardrobe choices. There are common fashion mistakes that everyone makes that indicate developing trends and adapting times. The critical aspect to take away from it is it’s OK not to get it right the first few times. Your favorite public figures probably didn’t get it right the first time around, either!

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