Sassy Little Black Dress

SASSY LITTLE BLACK DRESS with enJOYCURVES!  What woman doesn’t look good in black? Every women does! What an alluring color that makes one body look like an artist’s work of art!  I am a colorful and bright person, but at times […]

Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt 

 Wardrobe Remix: The Printed Sweatshirt  Written by: Elizabeth McGuffin     The classic sweatshirt gets a spring refresh in a slinky lightweight knit and vibrant painterly print. No longer reserved for casual weekends, this season’s sweatshirt […]

How I Began My Body Positive Journey 

How I Began My Body Positive Journey   Written by: Kyla Jo Baker  My entire life has been a constant struggle with my body. The past four years have proven to be the toughest, and last year I found myself at my lowest point. I knew […]

Wardrobe Remix Little Red Dress

Wardrobe Remix: The Little Red Dress  By Elizabeth McGuffin of With Wonder and Whimsy  This holiday season, spice up your wardrobe with a little red dress! Look for a classic silhouette like a skater, sheath, or shift in solid […]

Pole Dancing for Beginners 

Pole Dancing for Beginners  Written By: Eva Hernandez    Contrary to what you might think, the biggest challenge you will encounter when you start pole dancing is not the lack of upper body strength, but frustration. […]