Since so many companies have switched to work-from-home solutions, a new world has opened up for remote employees. After all, if you can work anywhere, why not work somewhere that fills you with joy? Consider the benefits of taking a workcation to see if this is your opportunity to relocate someplace great. Maybe it’ll be a well-earned change of scenery—or maybe you’ll make it permanent.

It Can Simplify Your Life

Packing up your possessions and moving might sound like a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be. Put your stuff in storage and spin the globe. Try London if you want a historic European experience without worrying about speaking the language. Or stay within the United States by heading to Hawaii. Honolulu even offers free airfare if you agree to volunteer with the community. Or if Barbados sounds good to you, the Caribbean’s Welcome Stamp makes it easy to rent a home for a year or more.

It Can Inspire Creativity

A new environment prompts you to look at the world with new eyes. Adapting to another location requires you to think differently, learn to navigate a new city, and solve problems with new resources. Your transition into a kind of cultural survival mode can invigorate your ideas. You’ll no longer feel chained to your computer if you can go exploring in your off-hours. Your adventures might inform how you approach the rest of your career.

It Can Change Your Routine

At some point, nearly everyone feels like they’re in a rut. Same job, same four walls. Same you. But you can snap out of it by shaking things up. When you go on vacation, you don’t just spend your nights binge-watching series or shopping online. You sightsee. You hike and take tours. You try new foods. You meet new people. The benefits of taking a workcation are all about having a vacation mindset without having to take time off from your job. If you have the flexibility to work remotely somewhere else, it can transform your life—and you might not get this chance again.

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