When I decided to write my book, The Peppermint Kiss – Love Happens, I was in a space of complete joy and happiness. I wanted to spread the feeling of joy and love to every one I met. I had been down a path that wasn’t so pleasant for many years and now that I have allowed LOVE to come into my life, it has opened me up in so many ways. I wanted to share the story of how I morphed into the woman I am today.

Meeting my husband was the key that unlocked the joy that was hidden in the dark vessel. I discovered as a plus-size woman, I was worthy of true love and I have not looked back! Discovering love has truly opened my eyes to seeing things in a different light.

The process of writing the book was a bit confusing until I met Shannon Wilkerson, who guided me on how to structure my book. And from there, everything began to just flow. I found so much joy writing the book. My husband would sit with me and help me as well. This became our baby and he often asked me, “Are we writing tonight?”  We would go into prayer before we wrote and we asked God for His guidance on what He wanted us to share. With that alone, the process was easy.

The book is all about me discovering who I am through the power of love. I want others to know that I never gave up on who I was. I just never knew what my worth and value were. But once I did, I fell in love with someone who truly saw me and loved me regardless of my size and of past issues. This book was written to inspire love, to give hope to those who may have given up on or don’t believe in love. Look at me, I’m a plus size woman who is living her life happily married.

I write because I know I have a story that can and will help other women to believe in who they are. I never gave up on myself – even after others suggested that I should. My plus size did not stop me from meeting my soul mate. My size didn’t play apart in what love had in store for me. My confidence in my size is what carries me in this life.

I want to let other women to know that our size has nothing to do with our success. I want them to know their value and worth is in who they are. Once we discover it, we become unstoppable!

I want to create a short film from The Peppermint Kiss, I want to have a stage play about the The Peppermint Kiss. I want to speak all over the world to let others know, that love can change anything. I want to encourage the plus size community to believe in who they are and go out there and love like they were never hurt.

I want to inspire love on all levels – especially self love!

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