The designers of Project Gold really understand the beauty of curvy women and this shows in their clothes. They understand that women of all sizes want to look great and have clothes that make them feel great too. Like all women, they have their days when they are not feeling 100% about their body but this is all part of the charm of their clothing. They have the background and knowledge to produce items that make women feel positive about what they are wearing. 

The trend for plus size women to stop hiding who they are from the world is hugely positive. And a large part of this is the fitness aspect. But for years, women over a certain size haven’t been able to find any activewear at all, let alone activewear that looks stylish. But that is changing through the positive thinking of companies like Project Gold. They look at the curves of real women and produce fantastic-looking outfits that help them work out while looking good at the same time. 

With other companies, including Nike, actually realizing that there is a market out there, active-wear for plus size women is now more available than ever before. Project Gold take this to the next level. They produce high quality outfits that will last for several years due to their durability and the choice of materials. They love to share their passion and experience and recommend that anyone looking to start their own business to understand the customer first of all. From the amazing feedback Project Gold get, you can see they have done this for their own business. 

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