*original publication Spring 2017*

Ask Venessia

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Ask Vanessia

Q: Venessia, I am getting ready to transition my wardrobe into spring and I am on a very tight budget right now.  Do you have any tips and tricks on how to incorporate what I have now into my spring wardrobe so I can save money? – Stephanie from Mississippi 

A: Stephanie, you have the right idea!!  For the budget-conscious fashionista, there is always a way to look fabulous without breaking the bank.  Even if you are still wearing your dark winter clothes, you can easily transition into spring just by adding a few pops of color.  You can wear a vibrant scarf, a colorful bag, or a pair of bright colored shoes with your darker outfits.  Also, as I think stripes will be BIG for Spring 2017, should you style a striped skirt or blazer with your light winter sweaters, and tote a gorgeous striped clutch, you’ll be well on your way to transitioning into the coming season.  You can even take some of your holiday threads right into spring.  Rock that merry tutu skirt with a graphic tee, a leather biker jacket, and some cute flats when you are out on the town.  The key to transitioning into spring is simply to incorporate more color.  And let’s not forget layering, so that as the weather changes, your outfit can too missing a beat.  

Q: I know your blog is about fashion but I follow your IG and notice that you give us small glimpses into your home décor as well. I am looking to create a springtime door entry similar to the one you had last year. Where would I go to look for statement wreaths and flowers? – Suzanne from Gatlinburg, TN  

A: Thank you so much for noticing my home décor IG posts!  I plan on bringing more home décor, DIYs, and projects of that nature to the blog this year.  For the most unique home items, I always visit the Etsy.com website.  They literally have everything under the sun!  For DIY projects, I love Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and my local farmers’ market, which has the BEST deals on fresh flowers like the ones I had this past spring.  Also, Pinterest!!  Need I say more?  There are so many cool tutorials and ideas on Pinterest.  Just be warned: it’s addictive! 


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