*original publication in our Summer 2017 issue*

Do You And Your Closet Need An Energetic Shift?

by Liis Windischmann; @liisonlife

Do You And Your Closet Need An Energetic Shift?I just left a boutique with a stunning tankini I never would have chosen for myself. I would have breezed past the colour and pattern. However, I know the owner knows her stuff, so I was open to whatever she brought me. It is so fun to be surprised by what you think you know about yourself…and your body!

Each outfit we buy and create is an act of expression fuelled by our beliefs and experiences. Our closets hold more than clothing – they hold emotions too. Here are some creative ways our clothes can stir up positive change:

Shake up your shopping routine

Allow a friend or a sales associate to pull clothes for you and try on what they bring! We often have “body rules” that we have created defining what we think looks good on us, and what doesn’t. Let someone else see you through their eyes and be open to new possibilities.

Give your clothing an energetic shift

When I was going through years of painful body aches with autoimmunity, I wore the same comfy top over and over. One day I realized I needed to release that shirt and the painful energy associated with it and donated it to charity. I realized it was not a favourite comfy sweatshirt, it was a crutch I no longer needed. We all have “clothing crutches” in different forms and it’s important we let them go once they have served their purpose.

Dare to wear something different

We all get into clothing ruts. Guilty here! What have you always dreamed of wearing but have held back? Is it time to buy that first bikini or invest in some colourful workout tights or a hot pink dress? Challenge yourself to buy something bold on your next shopping trip!

A crammed closet signifies one thing: there is no room for new energy. Select the pieces that no longer resonate with you and donate, consign or host a swap party with your friends. Welcome in change one article of clothing at a time!

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