Anyone can host a party, but only a select few will have a party that becomes the talk of the town! There are few things you can do to spice up your party for any occasion. Ready to throw a party? Here’s how to make it memorable.

Mix Up Your Guest List

When making up your guest list, invite everyone. It may be tempting to invite just your close friends, but a party is all about mingling with new people! Introduce your friends to each other by talking about something you know they’d have in common.

Order Food Everyone Can Eat

Pizza is an excellent choice for parties (in addition to delicious snacks, of course). With gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options, everyone will be happy that they’re getting a full meal at your party rather than munching on snacks to hold them over until they pick up McDonald’s on their way home.

Dress Confidently!

Time for the fun part! Pick an outfit that shows off your curves and accents your personality. Consider a classic black dress with some red heels for a pop of color! Girl, you. Are. Gorgeous. Show off your beauty!

Let the Music Play

Music is the life of the party. Music means no awkward silences, which is a total party killer! You can have some extra fun with this part and create a playlist just for your party! That may take hours, but it’ll totally be worth it once you’re dancing the night away to your favorite songs. Pick a party playlist or “throwbacks,”—whatever suits your fancy if you’re short on time.

Provide Different Activities for Your Guests

It may be easier for introverts to break out of their shells if they do an activity with others. To make everyone feel more comfortable, create a corner for party games like Uno, Pit, Salem (similar to Werewolf), and Headbands! This allows everyone to play a game that encourages conversation, jokes, and fun!

Turning on a sports game or a party video game is a great way to include everyone’s idea of fun. Some people will have a good time just engaging in a great convo. So, think about what your guests might want to do, and provide those activities.

Time To Clean Up

Ahh, that wonderful feeling of hosting a successful party. But the fun isn’t over yet! Now it’s time to clean the house (unless you want to do it tomorrow, in which case, you’ll probably have more energy!). If you have carpet, vacuum any crumbs that may have fallen while your guests were eating your delicious pizza. If you have hardwood, you can quickly get any scratches out with these simple steps. Wipe everything down, put away the games, and throw away the garbage. The whole process should take about 20-30 minutes. If it takes longer, tell your guests not to be so darn messy next time!

Throwing a party and knowing how to make it memorable is a lot of work, but when you look around and see all your loved ones having a great time, it’s all worth it!

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