Wintertime wreaks havoc on tons of things, including our hair. Heating systems suck moisture from the air, creating static electricity and making our locks weaker. Here are some tips for fighting frizzy hair in the winter to keep breakage and brittleness at bay.

Use a Deep-Conditioning Mask

Being diligent about using deep-conditioning treatments once a week can tame frizz. Dry hair tries to soak up moisture in the air, but when there isn’t any, it will get frizzy and static-y. Applying a deep-conditioner once a week will add and lock in moisture to your hair to make it soft and smooth.

Wear a Bonnet to Bed

Covering your head before bed can also help with frizz and unruly strands in the morning. As you sleep, the friction from tossing and turning against the pillowcase can strip away what little moisture you have left in your hair, leaving you with even drier hair when you wake up. Investing in a bonnet can help you prevent breakage and provide another barrier against the dry air that your central heating system produces.

Dry Carefully

It can be tempting to vigorously rub your hair with a towel after a shower, but you should try not to. Pat your hair gently with a towel or even a microfiber T-shirt, to prevent fly-aways and broken follicles. Air-drying is best, but if you’re in a hurry and need to blow-dry, aim the nozzle down on a cooler setting, and preferably use an ionic blow-dryer.

Use a Dryer Sheet

In the same way that they stop static cling on your clothing, dryer sheets are worthy weapons for combating static electricity on your hair, too. You can rub the sheet on your brush or comb before brushing or directly onto your strands. You can even rub one against your pillowcase before bed.

These tips for fighting frizzy hair in the winter are easy to incorporate into your daily routine to make every day a good hair day.

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