Being apart from your puppy is hard, even if you’re going on a relaxing vacation. However, if you view your dog’s boarding facility as a vacation for them, staying calm while you’re away becomes much easier—whether you’re gone for a few days or more than a week.

For your sake, your dog’s sake, and the boarding business’s sake, you should prepare your dog for the experiences of a boarding facility ahead of time. With these tips for helping your dog prepare for boarding, your dog will have just as much fun with their new dog and human friends as you will while you’re away on your trip.

Try Out the Boarding Facility’s Other Services

Some dog boarders are also doggy daycare and grooming facilities. If your boarding facility of choice has multiple services, take a day to test out their other services before boarding your dog. This way, your dog will become acclimated with the location and learn some of the different sights, smells, and sounds at the facility.

This might not be possible if you’ve booked a dog boarder too close to your departure date, but you can still ask for a tour of the facilities. Learn as much as you can about your dog boarder, and educate yourself on what your dog will do while you’re away. A tour could be an eye-opening experience—for better or for worse.

Have Your Dog Sleep in Their Kennel at Night

Whether or not your boarder uses kennels, your dog must get used to sleeping alone while you’re away. Practice keeping your canine companion stowed away in their crate when it’s time for bed. Place comfortable blankets, their favorite toy, and a shirt that smells like you inside the crate to make the stay easier. Let them out when you wake up. Do this for a few days leading up to the big trip to the dog boarder.

Remember, keep your goodbye brief when it’s time for you to leave the facility. A long goodbye will only negate any tips for helping your dog prepare for boarding that you use and make it harder for the boarding facility to calm down your pup. Learning more about the dog boarder will comfort you if you’re worried about how your puppy’s doing—the facility should be experts when it comes to handling dogs of all ages.

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