If you’re interested in earning extra income or providing a positive travel experience, you should consider renting out your home! That said, before you book guests, it’s essential to complete some essential home preparation steps first. Follow these tips for preparing your home for Airbnb guests today!

Take Care of Maintenance

Before renting out your home, you need to do a routine maintenance check. Make sure everything works properly to avoid mishaps during a stay. For example, if you experience persistent clogs or hear strange sounds while flushing your toilets, it may be time to replace your sewer line. Ultimately, you want to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay, so regular maintenance is vital.

Buy Amenities in Bulk

When people rent out an Airbnb, they expect some level of amenities. For example, soap, bottled water, and snacks are a few things you can provide. However, constantly restocking items is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s wise to buy amenities in bulk. You can keep everything in a closet and refill shelves before new vacationers arrive.

Remove Personal Items

Removing personal items is a critical tip for preparing your home for Airbnb guests because it prevents incidents of damaged or stolen possessions. Removing things like household bills, family heirlooms, or special jewelry is always a smart idea. However, you can keep items like books or board games around for your guests to enjoy!

Provide Basic Kitchen Essentials

Many people choose Airbnb instead of hotels because they want access to a kitchen. Given that guests typically stay for only a brief period, they don’t want to purchase brand new kitchen items. Therefore, it’s best to provide basic kitchen essentials. Basic items like pots, pans, eating utensils, cutting boards, and plates are things you can have on hand to improve a guest’s stay.

Offer Wi-Fi and Streaming Services

Did you know that one of the most requested amenities in Airbnb rentals is Wi-Fi? Providing internet access makes the Airbnb experience more enjoyable and allows guests to connect with the online world. In addition, you can offer streaming services to give guests access to their favorite shows! With all their preferred amenities on hand, it will truly feel like their home away from home.

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