Capturing Hope


Cheryl larkin

Angel Misztal

Cheryl Larkin uses photography to tell her story on her website and Instagram account. She has a growing number of followers and recently won the prize for top Instagram post at the Fuller Woman Expo in Toronto. With mainstream media and fashion houses still mainly fixated with thin women, social media platforms such as Instagram have been the place where real women meet and support each other. Cheryl was incredibly ill one night in 2012 and after a 911 call and a visit to the hospital things took a dramatic turn for the worst. Cheryl was put into a medically-induced coma after being diagnosed with sepsis from infections in her teeth. She was in a coma for a month and her parents were told to prepare for the worst. Her organs were starting to shut down and she needed dialysis to make up for her kidneys not functioning. But she is a fighter! When she woke up from the coma the fight was not over. The drugs used to keep her in a coma had given Cheryl a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. She could not move her limbs and has had to learn to perform all daily tasks again, such as feeding herself, walking, and other daily tasks that many of us take for granted. She still has no feeling in some areas of her body but hopes for a full recovery. Cheryl is a plus size disabled woman who is making a statement in this world. She shares her outfit of the day on her Instagram account and shares how to shop on a budget. With all this difficulty, joy has come amidst it all. She has recently gotten engaged. FabUPlus magazine is delighted to share Cheryl Larkin’s story and wishes her all the best in the future. We need more people to share their uplifting stories and inspire others to fight the good fight.

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