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Posi Panda
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Megan the Body Posi Panda teaches others to love their body and shares her journey on her growing Instagram following. She knows all too well what it is like to hate her body and she remembers her first thought about hating her body was when she was five years old. By age 10 years old and she developed anorexia nervosa at the tender age of fourteen.

It took a long time and a lot of pain for Megan to realize that she could be happy in the body she was in, rather than trying to fit into ideals that parts of society and the media have pushed on women. She found other women who were unapologetic about their bodies and, in her own words, rocked their bikinis. That is when Megan’s mind-set changed.

Posi Panda
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She uses her voice to teach a message of self-love and rails against the companies that profit from teaching women to hate the way they look. Her blog focuses on the fact that she is a recovered anorexic as well as body positivist. Her message to others is that there is a path out of anorexia and life on the other side of can be full of opportunity. She encourages people to embrace the anger they feel for the way that they have been made to feel about their own body and use this anger to fuel their recovery.

Megan’s story provides a vital connection to those that might be going through eating disorders. She also aims to change the way that eating disorders are treated. Body positivity should be a part of any successful eating disorder treatment as it will provide a long term recovery rather than a short term sticking plaster.

The feedback that the Body Posi Panda gets from her readers fills her with joy. Just a simple message like because of you I ate breakfast today, shows how that Megan is reaching out to people and making a difference.

Posi Panda
Photo By Biff Crabbe




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