Between resort spas, day spas, and other beauty spas, you must cut through the clutter and create an edge over your competition. You can do this by offering unique services that clients will love! If you need ideas, check out these unique services to offer in your beauty spa.

Anti-Aging Hand Mask

Face masks and treatments are common in beauty spas, but you can add a unique twist by offering hand masks! Particularly, anti-aging hand masks are great additions to your service list because they’re soothing and hydrating. When you place the mask on the client’s hands, you can lightly massage their knuckles and palms to further relax them. These masks heal cracked and dry skin and include ingredients that improve the overall appearance of hands.

Wax Treatments

Though waxing is a typical spa service, you can offer various wax treatments. From upper lips to bikini waxing, you can give your clients several choices. While selecting your specific services, you should stock up on supplies and tools. For instance, wax heaters are among the five must-have professional waxing supplies that your beauty spa needs.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing rejuvenates skin, increases circulation, improves muscle tone, and stimulates cell renewal. On top of that, it smooths the skin! This treatment is a unique service that you should offer your clients! You take a dry brush and exfoliate the client’s skin in a circular motion. You can do this on their thighs, stomach, arms, and collarbone. But make sure their skin is dry! Generally, you can offer dry brushing before massages and other body treatments that involve oils or lotions.

Fridge Facials

This unique service requires creativity. When introducing clients to facials, you can place them in front of a counter with a refrigerator behind it. You go into the fridge and pull-out different ingredients to make a face mask and customize their treatment. For instance, if they’re looking for something to soothe eczema, you can pull out oatmeal, avocado, plain yogurt, and manuka honey. You can talk about the benefits of each ingredient while crafting their facial mask.

You can create an edge over your other spa competitors. And after reading these unique services to offer in your beauty spa, you can hopefully use some of these fantastic ideas!

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