Spring and summer are the natural seasons for freshening up rooms and doing home improvement projects. If you’ve caught the home improvement bug but have little time and money to invest in a big project, then a paint project is right for you. Paint is affordable, and you can use it to customize any space. Keep reading to learn about some ways to paint a room that needs more color and freshen up your home.

Create an Accent Wall

While you can achieve an accent wall with paint or wallpaper, there are several reasons why you should choose paint. It requires less wall prep, can withstand temperature changes, and is easier to touch up if there are any mishaps. When selecting the paint for your accent wall, you can pick a bold contrasting color or a complimentary color in a darker or lighter shade than the rest of your walls.

Use a Patterned Roller

If you like the look of wallpaper, but want the ease of paint, then get a patterned paint roller. With a patterned paint roller, you can color the walls with an intricate design previously only achievable with stencils. A paint roller will be much faster than a stencil, and although it requires precise rolling, the beautiful result is worth it.

Use Tape

With a lot of painter’s tape and some measuring, you can create a large pattern on your wall without a special roller. This works great for designs with straight lines, such as checkers or stripes, and allows you to customize colors. You can use as many hues as you like in your pattern or just use two to keep things simple. Once again, you can use this style for an accent wall or, if you’re feeling bold, for a whole room.

Look Up

When adding color to a room, don’t just look at the walls; you should also look up. People sometimes call a room’s ceiling it’s “fifth wall” because it offers a blank canvas for painting. You can choose a lighter or darker color for your ceiling, depending on what effect you want it to have. Lighter colors make walls feel higher and help reflect natural light in a resultingly bright space. Darker colors make the ceiling feel lower, creating a cozy feel.

These are just four ways to paint a room that needs more color, but they’ll all help freshen up your space and satisfy your home improvement bug. If you don’t want to paint but still want to add color, consider getting accent pillows, bold artwork, plants, and bookcases. No matter how you add color, doing so will make your home lively and unique.

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