Ways To Refresh Your Living Room

Sometimes, your living room needs a makeover because its current arrangements are getting boring. This doesn’t mean that you must replace every item within it, though. A few smart changes can make enough of an impact to completely transform the space for the better. These are some effective ways to refresh your living room.

Restyle the Walls

The walls often don’t get as much attention as the rest of the room. You might put up a picture or piece of artwork and call it a day. However, the walls make up a large portion of your living room. Focusing on restyling them can really morph the room’s look. Try exploring different paint colors that you could use on your walls. You could go for a new neutral hue or select something brighter to create an accent wall in your living room. Wallpaper can also make your walls more interesting. With it, you could bring in attractive patterns and colors.

Incorporate a New Fabric

There are plenty of cool fabrics to play with out there, but you might tend to stick to cotton, synthetics, and maybe wool and linen because they’re more common. Branch out by researching other types of fabrics and keeping track of trends. You can then choose the fabrics that appeal to you. To give an example, boucle fabric is an unconventional material that is rising in popularity. It has a uniquely soft, knobby texture that you can use to make your pillow, blankets, or furniture stand out and feel new.

Switch Out Accent Pieces

Accent pieces aren’t always the largest items in a space, but because they’re visually louder, switching them out will have an immediate effect on a room. That’s why changing your accent pieces is a good way to refresh your living room. Target decorations such as throw pillows, blankets, rugs, lampshades, curtains, and small ornaments you have around the room. These are all pieces with a lot of potential. At the same time, you’ll still be able to maintain a neutral foundation of colors and materials with your flooring, walls, lighting fixtures, and larger furniture pieces so that your living room doesn’t appear too chaotic.

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