Leggings are a cold-weather wardrobe must-have. They provide you with coverage from harsh chilly winds and are a beautiful styling component. As a bonus, they come in multiple variations, differing in material, cut, style, and more. To ensure you stay bundled up as the cold weather lingers in this brief prelude between winter and spring, here are some of the best types of leggings for warmth.

Cotton vs. Spandex

Two of the most common legging materials are cotton and spandex. Most daily-wear leggings feature the prior, while athletic variations include the latter. When working out, spandex provides breathability, stretchability, and maximum mobility to enhance your physical movement. However, it provides minimal protection against the cold.

For the best warm-weather workout gear, look for leggings that combine cotton and spandex. The fabric blend creates a thicker structure than spandex alone, providing more insulation while still giving you the benefits of stretchiness, mobility, and sweat compatibility that athletic leggings offer.

Rib-Knit vs. Fleece-Lined

Rib-knit and fleece-lined leggings provide thick fabric options. They offer more coverage and insulation than most generic leggings, and they’re super soft against the skin and cozy to wear.

Rib-knits provide warmth from their layered rows of knitted columns and wool fabric composition. Their knitted structure also gives them some breathability, elasticity, and texture. On the other hand, fleece-lined leggings are more simplistic. They provide all the same design properties as generic leggings, but they come with an added inner thermal lining.

Fleece-lined leggings offer the most warmth. Rib-knits’ elasticity makes them stretch thin, providing less warmth coverage the more they stretch out. Fleece maintains its thickness no matter how stretched the pants become, providing full coverage at all times.

High- vs. Low-Waisted

The battle between high- and low-waist pant designs is an ongoing battle in fashion. They differ in style, fit, look, comfort, and more. For many people, waistlines that fall on the hips provide more comfort than their high-waisted counterparts as they don’t compress against the stomach. However, the extra coverage over the stomach provides additional warmth.

High-waisted leggings paired with oversized sweaters are a classic winter outfit idea. It looks cute, provides casual comfort, and offers cold-weather functionality. They allow you to layer up and provide maximum coverage, protecting you from experiencing the icy touch of chilled winds against your skin.

Enhance your cold-weather outfits with the best type of leggings for warmth. The wide selection of legging designs gives you a myriad of styling options. However, only a few offer the most benefits and functionality for frigid temps. A fleece-lined cotton blend and high-waisted pair provide you with ample coverage, insulation, and warmth that’ll keep you looking stylish and feeling cozy in cold weather.

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